Life in Leon

Just over two years ago I moved my wife and six children, including a new born baby girl, to Leon. We were excited and nervous and looking forward to settling into our new home and new community. With the help of our church family, and so many new friends in the community, it only took a few short months to feel “right at home.”

Obviously with six children, life is never dull in our house. Our oldest is now 14 and our youngest is now two and half. They love golf with dad, baseball with friends, fishing as a family, hunting with Melvin & Annette, and they really enjoy visiting with the folks out at Westview (especially Mr. Dale Miller). Indeed, for our family, life in Leon is just an absolute joy!

When our twelve year old was three he had to use a stool in order to reach the sink in the bathroom. We always knew when Jordan was going to wash his hands because the little wooden stool doubled as a car which he enjoyed driving. He always made “vvv-rooom” and tire squealing sounds as he “drove” the little stool to the sink and back to the end of the counter.

On several occasions when Jordan would “park” the little stool, he would stand straight up and hit his little head on the corner of the hard counter. He would cry out, rub his head, and the tears would flow. On one such occasion I said, “Jordan, Jordan, Jordan, listen to Daddy.” Now pointing at the hard corner I said, “Buddy. This is always going to be here.” He wrinkled his face, sniffled, and kept rubbing his head.

A few days later I heard the little motor sound coming from the bathroom. I stopped in the hall and listened. Then I heard tire sounds, a little thud, and crying. When I looked into the bathroom Jordan was rubbing his little head again. He pointed to the corner of the counter and said, “Daddy. It’s always gonna be there.”

Friends, do you realize that God tells us in Psalm 119:89 that His Word (the Holy Bible) is forever settled in Heaven? In other words, God’s Word is “always going to be there.” Not only does God describe for us how to know Him personally (John 14:6; Romans 10:9-10) but He also explains life in easy to understand words! The Bible is our Source (2 Timothy 3:16-17), our Comfort (Romans 15:4), our Guide (Joshua 1:8; John 8:31-32), and our Strength (Psalm 119:28; Acts 20:32).

Just like a little boy who needed to accept the fact that the counter top would always be there, you and I need to accept the fact that the Bible is “forever settled in Heaven”.  Indeed, God’s Word is “always going to be there”!


Clegguart Mitchell

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  1. 10buddy

     /  October 9, 2012

    We are blessed to have a pastor who really is a man of God. We are blessed to have found you through much prayer to our Father. We also pray you will ‘always going to be there’ in Leon. Much blessings to you and your family!


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