Not Always Easy

I love my wife and I am not ashamed to say it!  She is my best friend and I am her best friend.  We will be happily married for nineteen years this August and I can honestly say that we have grown closer to one another with each passing year.  She is my sunshine, my delight, and my treasure.  My name is Clegguart Mitchell and I approve this message.

God has been so kind to bless us with six children; and a new baby due in December!  The children range from almost three up to fourteen years.  We love to go golfing, fishing, hunting, and playing all sorts of games together.  Yes, each child is different and has his or her own personality, preferences, and problems.  But I can honestly say, I love every one of them in their own personal uniqueness and I would not trade any one of them for anything in the world!

As a husband I have no problem loving and honoring my wife.  As a dad my chest puffs up with the best of them when thinking and speaking of my children.  As a man accountable to God for leading in my home and shepherding my family, well, life is not always easy.  I am so thankful that God’s Word spells out so simply and so clearly what God’s design and desire are for me!  Now, you may be single, a single parent, childless, or even a grandparent. God has written down His design and desire for you no matter where you are in life!

Parenting is not always easy.  A young pastor fresh out of Seminary and newly married preached a sermon that he called “The Ten Commandments of Child Rearing.”  A couple years and one child later he changed the title to “Five Biblical Principles for Parenting”.  A few years and another child later he re-titled again to “Three Suggestions for Parents”.  As you may have guessed after ten years and three children he was no longer in the ministry, he was selling used cars.

Sometimes raising children is just hard.  In one bookstore I counted over sixty titles on “Family” and most of them did not agree!  Mark Twain had an interesting idea about parenting.  When you are faced with one of those hard moments consider what Mr. Twain said.  His philosophy was: “When a kid turns thirteen, stick him in a barrel, nail the lid on top and feed him through the knothole.  When he turns 16, plug up the hole!”

It is almost Father’s Day.  Did you know that God actually spells out the stages of personal growth for us Dad’s?  In Psalm 127:1-2 we need a godly foundation; v3-5 we need to trust God for blessed fruitfulness; Ps 128:1-4 we can enjoy a happy family life; and v5-6 we get to reap the joys of a satisfying family when we get older.  God really does have a plan, and friend, He wants to help you!  Read His Word, the Holy Bible, and you will be amazed by all that you discover!


Clegguart Mitchell

The Owner’s Manual

Spring arrived early this year and so did the strong desire to get out and ride!  Like many other people I found myself eager to get my motorcycle out of winter storage and back on to the road.  Unfortunately, the battery had gone down and there was no power.  I decided to phone the friend whom I had purchased the bike from and ask him about getting it charged up.  His advice “Read the owner’s manual!”   Smiling, I thought to myself… “Thanks a lot.”  Well, with no other options, I did something radical.  I read it!  I got my tools, charged the battery, got it running, and have been enjoying every sunny day that I can!  Mostly, I enjoy taking my sweet wife for a ride, even if it is just a short run out to the grocery store.

Did you know that the Creator of all things has given us an “Owner’s Manual”?  God has actually written out everything that we need to know!  His book includes an introduction to planet earth, chapters of history, poetry, practical instructions for the family, men, women, children, social and political order, Theology and lots of prophecy.  As God, we would expect that He knows history in advance; and He certainly does!  Indeed He has written down everything that we need to know (2 Timothy 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:3-4)!  The “Owner’s Manual” even explains why bad things happen (Genesis 3; Romans 3:23; 6:23a; 8:21-22).  It also explains what God has done about this insurmountable problem; He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to live a sinless life and die as the perfect sacrifice for sin (John 20:31; Romans 6:23b; 10:9-10).

One of the things I appreciate the most about this “Owner’s Manual” is that God has also included instructions that keep us running in tip-top condition – FOREVER.  You see, this “Owner’s Manual” is the exact and errorless guide to maintenance (how to have victory) and to our individual fuel needs (how to know and grow spiritually).  There is nothing more vital or practical than for us to consult the Owner’s Manual: God’s Word!

As much as I enjoy my motorcycle, my first passion is my wife and our six children.  Obviously, I am not all that mechanically inclined; I had to ask for help charging the battery.  What I’ve discovered though is that basic motorcycle maintenance is not nearly has complicated as my job as a husband and dad.  I am so thankful that God has spelled out His design and expectations for the Family, especially dads, in easy to understand terms!

Gentlemen:  Do you want to be a blessing to the ladies in your life this Mother’s Day?  Then resolve to consult the “Owner’s Manual” with the intent of understanding God’s design and desire for you as a husband and father.  A great place to start is in Ephesians 5:21-6:4 and Colossians 3:16-25.


Clegguart Mitchell

Life in Leon

Just over two years ago I moved my wife and six children, including a new born baby girl, to Leon. We were excited and nervous and looking forward to settling into our new home and new community. With the help of our church family, and so many new friends in the community, it only took a few short months to feel “right at home.”

Obviously with six children, life is never dull in our house. Our oldest is now 14 and our youngest is now two and half. They love golf with dad, baseball with friends, fishing as a family, hunting with Melvin & Annette, and they really enjoy visiting with the folks out at Westview (especially Mr. Dale Miller). Indeed, for our family, life in Leon is just an absolute joy!

When our twelve year old was three he had to use a stool in order to reach the sink in the bathroom. We always knew when Jordan was going to wash his hands because the little wooden stool doubled as a car which he enjoyed driving. He always made “vvv-rooom” and tire squealing sounds as he “drove” the little stool to the sink and back to the end of the counter.

On several occasions when Jordan would “park” the little stool, he would stand straight up and hit his little head on the corner of the hard counter. He would cry out, rub his head, and the tears would flow. On one such occasion I said, “Jordan, Jordan, Jordan, listen to Daddy.” Now pointing at the hard corner I said, “Buddy. This is always going to be here.” He wrinkled his face, sniffled, and kept rubbing his head.

A few days later I heard the little motor sound coming from the bathroom. I stopped in the hall and listened. Then I heard tire sounds, a little thud, and crying. When I looked into the bathroom Jordan was rubbing his little head again. He pointed to the corner of the counter and said, “Daddy. It’s always gonna be there.”

Friends, do you realize that God tells us in Psalm 119:89 that His Word (the Holy Bible) is forever settled in Heaven? In other words, God’s Word is “always going to be there.” Not only does God describe for us how to know Him personally (John 14:6; Romans 10:9-10) but He also explains life in easy to understand words! The Bible is our Source (2 Timothy 3:16-17), our Comfort (Romans 15:4), our Guide (Joshua 1:8; John 8:31-32), and our Strength (Psalm 119:28; Acts 20:32).

Just like a little boy who needed to accept the fact that the counter top would always be there, you and I need to accept the fact that the Bible is “forever settled in Heaven”.  Indeed, God’s Word is “always going to be there”!


Clegguart Mitchell